There could be good news for self-employed workers on its way this week?

As previously mentioned, self-employed workers have not received their fair share of support during the coronavirus crisis. As the UK wakes up to the most significant set of restrictions on British life in living memory we hope we have some good news to report.

The Coronavirus Bill introduced to the House of Commons on 19/03/20 was amended on 23/03/20 to include significant support for self-employed workers. This is in no way guaranteed but does demonstrate the Government are considering the needs of the self-employed. Details of statutory self-employment pay within the bill can be found here and its purpose is to make the Government ‘top up’ self-employed workers’ earnings to the lower of 80% of their net monthly earnings averaged over three years, or £2,917 a month, whichever is lower.

We will keep you updated on developments of this during the week ahead. Stay safe, well and at home where possible.